Spanish Suit of Armor (3)
Spanish Suit of Armor (1)Spanish Suit of Armor (2)Spanish Suit of Armor (3)

Spanish Knight Suit of Armor

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Dear Viewers, If you are searching for SPANISH KNIGHT SUIT OF ARMOR then you are on right webpage to check the complete information regarding Plate Armor, Steel Armor. This is a high quality product made in INDIAN STEEL HANDICRAFTS which you can proudly display in proper manner.

INDIAN STEEL HANDICRAFTS is one of the best Medieval Knight Armor Online Shop which provides the top most quality Medieval weapons, Medieval Knight Helmet, Greek armour etc.  The armor , each piece being scrupulously handcrafted, has been made in elegant steel, ornated with a potent cross and three fleur-de-lys fixed on the chest and characterized by a panoplies fit for tournaments: a great helm fastened with leather belts, a banter lance and a metal shield.


Key point of the suit of armour SPANISH KNIGHT is Full Size reproduction

Handcrafted Steel and Iron construction with “old patina” finish

Approx Height: 182.88 CMS – 72 inches

Wood Platform Base: 18 x 18 inches, Weight: 42 Kg Approx.


Thanks for all the viewers to read the complete details about SPANISH KNIGHT SUIT OF ARMOR SUIT OF ARMOR. if you are interested to buy my products then contact through my email id or contact us page. Beside this if you have any query then frankly ask through the comment box or contact us page


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