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Antique Crusader Knight Armor

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Product Description

If you are looking for most fabulous and reasonable Antique CRUSADER KNIGHT SUIT OF ARMOR then you have reached at right website that is INDIAN STEEL HANDICRAFTS.  Here are given you suit of armor collectible armor costume, Collectible, replica, medieval armor, re-enactment, larp, fantasy costume.

INDIAN STEEL HANDICRAFTS company produce excellent quality of the Antique SUIT OF ARMOR with correct size and weight at sensible price because incorrect sizing of a armor would be extremely dangerous as it could picnic basket.This main quality of my products is a leather straps to adjustment at provide accommodation & totally wearable also.


First and far most point of the Antique CRUSADER ARMOR is Bullet Proof Stiffness and Manufacturing of Antique Knight Armor is admirable.

Height of Armor is 6 Feet Weight 42 kg Approx with wood stand.

It consist of various Leather Straps to Adjustment at lodge

Completely Wearable and stretchy.

Important feature Beautiful Wooden Sword & Nut Bolt Opener Key is Free.

Riveted of Silver Enhances its Impartiality More.

Other important factor of CRUSADER is Covered With high quality metal

Our team produces perfect Sized Antique CRUSADER ARMOR to Fit Most Teens and Adult

If you have any query about Antique Armour then drop your comment in the box which is mention below


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