Greek Armor

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Welcome to page INDIAN STEEL HANDICRAFTS! If you are searching for most tremendous and heavy Greek Armor then you have reached at right web place to know the complete information about the Medieval weapons a and Armor

Ancient Greek weapons and armor were chiefly geared towards combat between individuals. Our company used most important technique was called as phalanx, a formation consisting of massed shield wall, which requisite heavy frontal armor and medium-ranged weapons such as spears. Soldiers were obligatory to provide their own panoply, which could prove luxurious,. However the not have of any official peace-keeping force meant that most Greek citizens carried weapons as a matter of course for self-defense.

First-rate features of Greek Armor

High quality 18 Gauge M steel (BLACK finish) IS USED

Inner Diameter:  Front to back 7 inches

Height: 22.5 inches, from top to bottom

Circumference: 46.69 inches

Exact dimensions may vary as this is handmade.

Weight of the item: 8. KG approx.

Helmet stand and liner are sold separate

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