German Gothic Black Armor (7)
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German Black Gothic Armor

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Product Description

Welcome to page INDIAN STEEL HANDICRAFTS! Gothic plate armor is commonly known as German Gotischer Plattenpanzer  which is made by steel plate. German Black Armor is worthy to have it for your own collection, accent display in your home or office, re-enactments, cosplays, costume and props, special occasions, or as a gift idea to a blade and armor fanatic and collector.

It positively gives the delusion of a larger person imminent! Our Sallet Helmet is a robust product, made to replicate 15th century helms. Handicraft -forged from steel. It features a fully articulated visor. This hinged face guardian ensures a comfortable fit as this helmet is fully wearable. It is perfect for reenactments and costume and has the proper thickness to be traditional to necessities made by the Society for imaginative Anachronisms.


Key point of the suit of armor GERMAN GOTHIC SUIT is 18 gauges steel.

The fluting on the breastplate, cuisses (thigh guards), pauldrons (shoulder guards) and gauntlets

The mixture of a sallet helm and bevor, again typical of the Gothic style, would have provided excellent protection for the head and throat.

Height of Armor is 6 Feet Weight 42 kg Approx with wood stand.

Chain mail pieces shown are not included.

Thanks for reading the above information about GERMAN BLACK GOTHIC SUIT OF ARMOR. If you are interested to buy my products then contact through my email id or contact us page.


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