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Product Description

Here on this webpage, we are providing you a great selection of Historical Breastplates Armor which are completely Functional and Battle Ready.  Our best quality Body Armor can be used for SCA combat as well as dramatic stage fighting. For this type of use we suggest using either 16 gauge steel or 18 gage steel Armor Breastplates.

Mainly Breastplates Armor is consists of both the Chest Armor (Breastplate) and the Back Armor (Back Plate). Our Medieval Breastplates and revitalization Breastplates are hand forged and many are available in various steel thicknesses of 14 gauge, 16 gauge or 18 gauge. Most probably Breastplates are available for tradition sizing and finishes.

First-rate features of Breastplates Armor

  • High quality 18 Gauge M steel is used
  • Our steel breastplates com in various styles
  • We have a good selection of functional steel breastplates.
  • Exact dimensions may vary as this is handmade.
  • Weight of the item: 3.670 gm approx.

Thanx for reading my product Breastplates Armor and hope that you will give good response. If you have any query then franks ask through the comment box or contact us page .our team members give quick response and try to solve your problem


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